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Self-sterilization gates

Use the sterilization portal on your site for general and personal protection

Ramdoon International Group provided sterilization gate because this product is necessary to sterilize individuals before entering the facilities

Also, sterilization gates are available in several types and according to the customer’s request. Prices start from 2,500 riyals and reach 35,000 riyals, and all of this depends on the required specifications.

You can install the portal at the best prices and lowest specifications while ensuring the sterilization mechanism. You can also install it to suit your site

It aims to directly self-sterilize when individuals pass through it through an effective system that externally sterilizes sterile materials that are converted into a flying mist within the target area.

The gate is installed on the entrances to establishments, markets, hospitals, etc.

The gate contains movement sensors and timers associated with the sterilization system to reduce the waste of the used chemicals and to ensure that the gate operates with the required efficiency by means of the mist mist device.

Sterilization gates approved by the International Ramdoun Group


Posted By ramdoun / 27-05-2020

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