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We offer Fog Spray System, Fog Devices, Spray Devices, Spray Fans, Fog Fans and Steel Bars for Fog and Spray System

We all strive to enjoy the outdoors, but the weather is a problem, preventing it from that, but with modern Ramadoon systems with a mist mist device, we can enjoy the best atmosphere in the home, such as home gardens, swimming pools, or outdoor sessions.

This technique is used to solve many environmental problems related to the heat and dryness of the air. It can be used to cool open outdoor spaces as well as in public places and entertainment places.

It is also used in hotels, resorts, cafes, restaurants, buffets, factories, warehouses and many personal uses for homes or central appliances that need to cool or lower temperatures.

The fog system is considered one of the unique systems and products for cooling open spaces, in addition to many commercial and industrial uses.

The fog system has been used outdoors and has many benefits and advantages in both.

Cooling - and moisturizing - clean the air from dust and odor, and the work of an aromatherapy and sterilization system.

These systems contribute to reducing temperatures and reach 15 degrees Celsius with a noticeable increase in air humidity, which leads to reducing the severity of droughts in dry and hot desert areas. As for the areas with moisture, they often need additional fans to balance humidity and cooling

The mist mist device was made to suit all customers because it is characterized by small sizes and low sound and a very reasonable price, it is a fog system and not a spray

Then you will get a fog of a small size at a reasonable price

Types that may interest you

Fog and mist fans Water fog device Water mist system Fog System industrial fog system

Available sizes:

1 liter flow per minute, running at 30 sprays, at a length of 40 meters, pressure at 70 bar

2 liter flow per minute Run up to 60 sprays with a length of up to 70 meters Pressure 70 bar

Technical Specifications

1 liter or 2 liter per minute flow

High pressure device 70 bar

Coverage from 40 to 70 meters

Iron base with 4 legs to prevent noise

Run 30 or 60 sprays

Nebulizer filter

Timer to calibrate working times

You can also contact us directly at the following number (0533850888)

It can be supplied to all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council

Installation workshops for the fog system can be provided in all regions of the Kingdom


Posted By ramdoun / 21-05-2020

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